What & Why?

Notes, thoughts, brainstorms, and experimental layouts as support and play for processing what I come across and want to create a conversation around.

An interdisciplinary studio practice is essential to me: sociopolitical thought, creative writing, art critique, and media analysis all have a place within my art. I hold specific media interests in ads, pictographs, and photography. Academically, de- and post- colonial thought, queer theory, and Critical Race Theory have been the most influential.

Texts From: +1 Flowers

May 12, 2020

Although a common subject, I’ve been compelled to do a bathtub photoshoot for some time. The intimacy and complexity of doing this as a self portrait gave me full control of my comfort with my naked body being photographed. I had also been taking the time to re-introduce flowers and plants into my life at a time when I felt a disconnect from my location: Anaheim, CA.

Anaheim, a quintessential capitalist conservative concrete “outskirt”-in relation to Los Angeles County-city.

Flowers have always been pertinent to my reflections on land and history. They are ever so specific, in color, in form, in chemical compenents… each flower with its own stem, grows away and toward others.

As humans, we have the choice to interact with the flowers around us, to ask our families about their connections to specific plants, and because they are unavoidable it’s undeniable that they must have some sort of connection with plants.

Who’s texting me?🍃

Directions for care and documentation:

Breath, baby, breath.


San Diego, CA