October 17, 2022
Digital Merchandising as an Artist and Activist.

Although most people around me use tech every day, it isn’t the same to text a friend and doom-scroll as it is to be a content creator. Exploring how my artistic vision can be accessed, and what that entails in terms of its function.

The pertinence for exposure when it comes to a bachelor’s degree in an age of tech messaging harrasses the artist, the scholar, the laborer...

They haven’t been taught anything about creating on the platforms that they are influenced by. Many of those who have risen above a couple dozens of thousands of followers are known for their looks.

I ask myself then, where does the value of most of our social media posts come from? Why is there a “Big Data”?

If we, are the consumers, the suppliers have continued to order the content creators to supply something for us to visually, audibly be in awe of.

I’m trying to fight this oblivious death of the digital consumer before it’s too late.


Taking interest in the Advancement of the Tech Field as an Artist


The NFT Explosion of last decade was the catalyst I needed in order to understand how misunderstoof the internet and technology is within our purvue of value and future of valued assets. The incongruency across the world to come together against COVID, and the plurality of the crypto-market came together at this time.


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